Sunday, July 2, 2017

the planet you live on, mars duh, one year ago

hi. I'm that annoying dude that used to post a top 25 that I now cringe about. now my life is stabbing children for coins but all the children have left to play bed wars so now I only fight sweats, rip my k/d.

So umm, hi, I'm just going to look at some of my old posts.

wtf me go get a life, I think I was trying to combat Chase's comment but my life is too complicated to tell anymore

I just realized I got more page views and comments on my posts that have nothing to them than the posts I put effort in... Welcome to reality. 

I'm just gonna like at some comments I posted, starting with the "Durp's Whatever Music Review"

"Please note that these calculations were whe the song recently made its way to me. These numbers do not effect if I grow in or out" -me 2016

Insert yay I'm a retard meme here

This is becoming a skeppy video

"T30 Randomness - Top 30 of the Year so Far"

"Ok. I think we are ready."
s**t i copied adrian so hard

wat don't let me down existed 2016 

Legit every post 

brother literally ran in and said "OOOOO"
dad if your reading this send him to mental therapy or something

"T25 Awesomeness - 2/7/2016"

"18 - xrtsfdf - niiples"
but seriously tho, Wut

"T25 Awesomeness - 1/29/2016"
"I can't believe this chart has made it, I thought it would die off on week 5"
By the way this was week 27 or something I'm too lazy to look back.

But wow. The fact that it ended on 40 something still shocks me, that I made it there. This is probably something cringeworthy I can add in another year or two.

a lot of posts
(something to do with a mean English teacher)

Looking back I feel really harsh they weren't bad

Anyways thats going to be it for this post, I wanna try to get it out a bit quicker because I want page views and yeah and stuff. I might do a Part 2 for 2015 

No keyboards were harmed in the making of this post. Only a hand and a brain were harmed.
Yes that means I didn't use copy and paste, I just thought about that whywhwydfsgsdgdzfggzgtserujfjsuuyj

also don't expect me to stay I just randomly got a notification for something from December. 10/10


  1. I really love your post, Durp!!! And welcome back, I missed you so much.

    1. Thanks I guess and did you even read the end?